Hon30 diesel

The new models are very well done and run much better than the old Minitrains models. The product line is much broader than the old Minitrains line and new models are released every year.

Please note that these models are made in small production runs, so models may go out of stock for a while. We are slowly increasing our store stock of MinitrainS items. We can order any available models for you. The Status column indicates if the product is available from the US distributor.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or you wish to order an item or three. Please see the bottom of the page for notes on Pricing and shipping. Updated: Thursday, April 09, We reserve the right to correct errors and change prices without prior notice. Please note that all prices are in Canadian Dollars. The Canadian price is set by the US-to-Canadian exchange rate on the day we import the products into Canada. Canadian orders will be shipped by Canada Post unless you wish to pay for a different method.

Please note that page updates are done when time permits. Images by me unless otherwise noted. As MinitrainS does not like other people using their images, we are in the process of making our own. As we can only photograph models we have seen, many items do not have an image yet. This is a work in progress.

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We're your one stop scale model train shop! The MinitrainS shelf from the other end. Wolli Bau Set with Bulldozer. Currently out of stock. New stock expected in the next month or two Feb-Mar German Trench Train Brigadelok in the original grey livery with the Henschel makers plate. Grey Brigade Locomotive with Ambulance car, grey gondola and two flat cars. Green Brigade Locomotive with two green passenger cars, one brown gondola and one flat car.

A Blue Gmeinder on Robert Mountenay's layout. Picture by Robert Mountenay - used with permission. Yellow Gmeinder Locomotive with gondola, red tank car, two sugar cane cars, flat car and a. The MinitrainS Controller with pulse wave modultion works very well. Koppel-Locomotive with Kobel-Stack, brown boxcar,cranegondola, green caboose and.

Koppel-Locomotive with straight Stack, brown boxcar,cranegondola, green caboose and. Krauss locomotive, unlettered with silver tank car, grey boxcar, stake care and gondola. Steam Locomotive based on the original version of the Zillertalbahn Hobby-Locomotive. Four Tipper Wagons without brakes.The Shay brass HOn30 Kit is designed from the rails. The only pieces included with the Shay brass HOn Anyone with basic modeling skills can build a. This is a Great donor for a larger scale Shay.

It is a. The kit does include a notch to clear cylinders as an. My kit fits but the trucks are a little small.

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I may build one for myself soon as it looks like a. The only pieces included with the kit are the flat. The new. Bachmann N gauge switchers are excellent runners. This actually uses an steam chassis but an. This classic fits most. The only. This unit. The only pieces included with kit. There are many better options than what I did when I.

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This was half of a. Bachmann Steam switcher in N-Gauge. Plantation Locomotive Actual brass parts for HOn Kit Prototype. Typical of what is included in most. Click to go to wonderworksweb. Some of these have not been released for more than 20 years! The cover above is part of the new content and look of these popular books. They are being upgraded with interactive imagery, new illustrations, new copy, etc. The authors have won many awards which include an Emmy, two Saturns, a Maggie, etc.Search: go Search by username.

Members Calendar Help. UltraBB 1. Not logged in - Login Register. To join Freerails HOn30 locomotives. Moderated by:. New Topic. Printer Friendly. ZIAdesigns Registered Joined:. DenverColorado USA. Hello everyone, I'm Mark. I've been modeling HO for 27 years.

HOn30 Items

Only started HOn30 about 3 years ago. I do like it though and huge inspiration has always been and still is Bob Haydens Carrabasset and Dead River layout.

I don't model Maine 2 footers, but a freelance railroad situated in New Mexico circa I don't have any steam units, but smaller diesel critters. I can see if I can post up some pictures of some of my models. I also offer these same ones for sale on Shapeways under my same user name of ZIAdesigns. Lets talk HOn30 fellas!! Bill Fornshell Registered Joined:. Here is one of my HOn30 threads.

I used a Bandai power truck like one of your Shapeways items is made for. I cast a floor out of cerro bend for the weight I thought was necessary to get it to run better. To me 30" gauge does not include the maine 2 footers. I like everything to do with model trains but I just don't see how some folks confuse 24" guage with HOn The HOn30 yahoo group is almost all maine 2 foot stuff. W C Greene Moderator Joined:. Howdy Mark, welcome to Freerails. Yes, there are some HOn30 guys here I don't know where they are at the moment except for Bill.

Have fun and send photos when you can. I'm working a few others that will run on other mechanisms. I just not really that familiar with them and they seem to quickly narrow down what you can do if your modeling JUST Maine stuff. I am more into 30" export or other interesting stuff. Perhaps like a small industrial railroad for steel mill or like the Gypsum line that used those "big" GE hood units out there in cali? I do a number of other "freelance" stuff too in std.

HO gauge as well. I like alot of ones such as Fundy Northern style of kitbashes like his turbine unit.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. A Model Train Locomotive headlight blazes to life and rails gleam in the darkness.

The ground shakes as powerful model railroad locomotives inch forward, fighting to get their heavy train past the signals and onto the main line. From toys for the newest railroader to superbly detailed replicas that will delight the most demanding collector and operator, nothing beats model railroading for its sheer combination of power and excitement!

Walthers, Inc. Corporate Office and Store Address. In the interest of maintaining the safest environment for our employees and our customers: Our local showroom is temporarily closed to the public. Please wait My Account. Log In. Trains Home Show Categories Trains. Show 20 30 60 HOn30 Scale. Grid View List View.

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hon30 diesel

Backorder Add to Wishlist. Thank you for your patience and understanding! Sign Up Today Sign up for Walthers emails to get special offers and news! Model Railroading Supplies and More. Freight Cars.By admin on Apr 17, in Motive Power. I would really stress that soldering produces a sturdier model that will better withstand life as road engine. Soldering is a skill that definitely improves with practice. Remember, I built the pilot model without written instructions or diagrams.

Instructions and a photo will be included in the kit. At this point I had to study the parts to determine where the bends were all bends have a groove etched on the opposite side of the part.

This is not fun! And, the more you bend the brass the greater the chance of the tab breaking off. I bent the tabs on the bottom of the cab sides inward with the square nosed pliers and folded the four corners to make the box. Using the towel on my hand as a heat shield, I held the cab square and the joint aligned.

I applied a thin bead of Flo-Temp solder to the inside of the joint with a toothpick. Using the soldering tweezers I tacked the joint in several places and held the joint together until the solder solidified. To cool the cab I plunged it into a can of water and dried it with the towel. Because Tix solder melts at a much lower temperature than Flo-Temp I used it to finish the joint.

Holding the cab with the towel I applied the Tix flux to the inside joint and laid several small bits of solder into the flux and heated the joint with the tweezers. The Tix flowed to fill the seam. The tweezers really speed up assembly by giving me another hand. I can hold the parts together, apply heat, after the solder flows I shut off the heat, and hold the parts together until the solder sets.

It actually took longer to write about how I assembled the cab than it took to build it. I rolled the cab roof over an X-acto knife handle to form the curve. I bent it too much but it sprung into place with I pushed it down onto the cab sides. The roof hatched was added after the roof was soldered on all 4 sides.

On the rear of the cab is a rectangular box. On the model it allows extra room for chassis with large motors or body weights. This has three folds and is attached to the middle of the cab rear. It sits on the rear frame section. On the bottom of the rear frame section I soldered the end sill. It has a step which must be bent outward before its sides are folded in. The cab magically became very sturdy at this point.

All the finishing it needed was a little dressing-up with the jewelers files.

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To prepare it I had to remove the cab and hood but leave the plastic frame and running boards in place.In the Britain the term OO9 is sometimes used. OO9 refers to OO scale, Although the track gauge is 9mm, sometimes N scale track per se is not used because the ties or sleepers are out of scale and too close together. HOn30 track is available.

HOn30 brass model of MORI Works Diesel Engine (After WWII Contemporary Type) HD

One exception is The MinitrainS line that has recently been upgraded. H0e scale was invented by Egger-Bahn in [6] - for a long time out of production, but some of the Egger-Bahn line has been reintroduced by MinitrainS.

AHM offered two industrial locomotives, a Plymouth diesel and a Baldwin steam locomotive. The layout appeared in articles starting in the April issue of Railroad Model Craftsman. It was inspired by the Wiscasset waterfront of the Maine 2-foot railroads. The equipment was based more on available N gauge products than on the AHM MinitrainS line - it reflected the growing variety of N gauge equipment and accessories available in the early s.

It appeared in the Nov and Feb issues of Model Railroader. During the mids a Japanese company, Sango, made a kit for a Baldwin engine which showed a great improvement in running ability. From toJoe Works, Sango, and Flying Zoo kits and built-up brass models came on the scene. There was a thriving interest in Japan in 2-footers using N gauge track, as this allowed more HO scale modeling in less space than traditional HO gauge track.

In the United Kingdom where the most popular railway modelling scale is designated 4 mm scale.

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Model railroaders with layouts and rolling stocks by American standard and usually by British standard use for designation of the scale in English language publications the letter O and not the number 0. In Great Britain and rarely in the French language for narrow gauge it is written after designation of the scale the model gauge in mm, for example, OO9 or OO6.

In Great Britain and in the French language it is written sometimes with a hyphen or en dash between the scale and the model gauge, for example, OO—9 or H From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Parkside Dundas. Archived from the original on Retrieved Archived from the original PDF on Categories : Model railroad scales 30 inch railways and modelling Narrow gauge railway modelling. Hidden categories: Webarchive template wayback links Commons category link is locally defined.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

hon30 diesel

Chivers Finelines Forneybuilt by Peter Bartlett. Egger-Bahn Steam Tram. Wikimedia Commons has media related to HOn30 gauge. Wikimedia Commons has media related to HO9 gauge. Wikimedia Commons has media related to H0e gauge. NEM Central Hobbies carries a modest selection of HOn30 model railway products.

Many others are available by order. More can be ordered. Many new items are available and more have been announced. MiniTrainS now has its own Web Page. Bachmann has released several models in their narrow gauge Thomas Series: Skarloey. This good looking locomotive runs very well. It would like 11" radius curves but runs on the Peco 9" Setrack curves with no problems. Several companies offer replacement boiler fronts to replace the face.

Rheneas with Glynn Valley Tramway Coaches. Bachman has released three Slate Wagons:and an unnumbered wagon. They are cast metal with plastic details and have metal wheels so they have a nice weight. With a bit of work on the road numbers you could easily make six more cars s 1, 4, 6, 10, 16, 64 or you could decal the unnumbered car. See the Peco Web page for more information.

The Gmeinder looks good pulling the cars but really needs to be a darker green. Have to see about painting one in a nice dark green. A Steam engine would be nicer. Peco does make a body kit for the right type of locomotive.

hon30 diesel

These are available to order. We carry Micro Engineering rail in all sizes code 40, 55, 70, 83 andall sizes of Micro Engineering spikes, Pliobond; ties from Mt. Albert, Kapler, and Campbell.

HOn30 gauge

We carry the full line of Kalmbach hobby books as well as books from Atlas and Carstens and others. See the Books pages for partial listings of prototype books.

We carry over railroad related titles. See our book pages for a relatively up to date listing. If there is a particular item you are seeking that we don't have in stock, please don't hesitate to ask for it. We will special order most anything.

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Items in stock at most major distributors can be obtained in a week or two. Out of stock items can be back ordered for delivery when they are produced. Please note that if the company is outside of the major distribution channels, special orders will take some time.

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