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Smartphones have become an integral part of our life. We use our phones for almost everything — right from health monitoring to managing the finances. But do you remember the actual purpose for which mobile phones were invented? It was to be able to dial a number on the go and talk to our loved ones. Here we will revisit that purpose and talk about the top dialer apps in the market right now. We are pretty sure that any mobile app development company that you hire would be aware of these applications.

This is definitely the best dialer app for Android ExDialer takes you back to the simplicity of stock Android dialer along with some additional features. ExDialer will allow you to view the call log along with other details like number, duration and time. Download ExDialer Android App. This Android dialer app is exactly what its name suggests. Simpler Dialer is the most simple phone dialer app for Android. It has almost all the features that you can find in any dialer app but its UI takes the limelight.

If you need an application that is not only productive but has the maximum features then Simpler Dialer is perfect! Download Simpler Android App. RocketDial Dialer is used by thousands of people and one of the regularly-updated best android phone app. It has a minimal and dark design that is user-friendly.

iphone dialer apk

Its interface is suitable for the majority of brand UIs that are used by you. RocketDial Dialer has great features and is quickly accessible. It can become an amazing alternative to your existing OEM-based dialer app. You also have the option to choose how your contacts and call logs will appear on the screen.

It is a different kind of dialer app for Android. Drupe is one of the top dialer apps as it is available in multiple languages and has a lot of other features. In terms of design, it is quite simple. You can launch this application by dragging the drops that appear on the screen. Therefore, it is one of the best phone apps for Android.

Download Drupe Android App. This application is the default dialer for ASUS devices. If you want a simple yet productive application then ZenUI Dialer is the way to go! It gives importance to organizing your call logs and contacts. These are some of the reasons, ZenUI Dialer is one of the top dialer apps. Almost every Android user knows about Truecaller.Pressing a button generates a DTMF tone which tells the telephone system to dial that number.

12 Best Android Dialer Apps You Can Try in 2020

To dial, you hold your phone's speaker up to a telephone handset or microphone and play the tone by pressing a button or by using quick dial. Quick Dial allows you to store a calling card number or teleconference number for quick dialing on a landline, simply hold up your iPhone speaker to the landline telephone's microphone or handset and press dial.

Commas act as pauses during the dialing tone sequence to allow time for prompts and other delays. It worked great. Just make sure your iphone is not muted, turn up the volume, and hold it up to the Echo. Worked like a charm. This app did exactly what I needed. Sadly the only reliable phones I have found to work with touch tones are plain old telephone service POTS lines.

I haven't found a VOIP system that accepts the tones. Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

iphone dialer apk

App Store Preview. Apr 5, Version 2.

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Updated for iOS 9. Ratings and Reviews See All. Information Seller Emmanuel Tsouris. Size Category Utilities. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Languages English. Price Free.TechLila Mobile Android.

If you have used a device running Stock Android, you know that it comes with one of the best Android dialer apps ever made. However, not many Android device manufacturers are skilled-enough to keep such a UI intact. But, here, we have created a list of the 12 immensely best dialer apps for Android smartphone users.

Simpler Dialer offers exactly what you think it offers from the name. It packs almost every feature you might find in a typical dialer app, but the UI steals the show. If you need a productive dialer app with most features, you can go for Simpler Dialer.

Download Now. Used by thousands of people, RocketDial Dialer is a regularly-updated dialer app for Android out there. The clean interface is suitable for almost all the brand UIs you may be using. It packs some superb features, useful for organization and quick access. If you are looking for a feature-rich Android dialer. This app has included some cool features like contact management, merging and duplicate finding.

Get iphone Xs max swipe call screen on your android phone without root

You can also customize the way it shows your contacts and call logs, in the most convenient way. It also works as a platform where you will be able to connect with your friends and other people.

Best 8 Dialer apps for Android 2019

Drupe is a different kind of Android dialer app that gets the job done. As far as the design is concerned, Drupe keeps everything simple. Opening the dialer app will show you contact information as an overlay, such as Favourites and the Dialer.

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You can launch Drupe by dragging the drops that you see on screen. The dialer gives better importance of organizing your call logs and contacts for easy access. Also, the UI goes in sync with almost all types of skins you might be using, regardless of the brand and UI. As an app, it does the job pretty well, especially when it comes to organizing the details. The app basically is a replica of the iOS dialer app, letting you manage things using a few gestures.

Compared to other dialers, it features a bigger dial-pad, which is convenient if you are familiar with T9 Search. One of the most feature-rich apps on the list, Eyecon Dialer is actually another all-in-one app for phone management. Using it, you will be able to take care of your call logs, contacts and even enable Caller ID. When compared to the other apps we have covered above, Eyecon Dialer is more visual-oriented. You can easily manage everything using icons and pictures, instead of reading a lot, which is great for elders as well.

Contakts Address Book is actually an all-in-one Android app for contact management. As a matter of fact, it also brings a beautiful and easy-to-use Android dialer. So, if you prefer having your contacts organized in an impressive manner, you should go for Contakts Address Book. Customization through a selection of themes, performance boosts, etc.

Metro Phone Dialer has a design that is inspired by Microsoft Metro apps. The app does a brilliant job when it comes to offering a quick-and-easy way of accessing your contacts via dialer. The whole interface has been classified into different categories, offering you particular views of your logs and contacts. The tab-based UI makes everything easy from the usability point of view.

The dialer app employs a simple design technique that gives space for advanced features. ExDialer is one best dialer app for Android for sure. It brings back the utter simplicity of stock Android dialer while including some extra features.If design is not what things look and feel like but works then the iPhone dialer has failed miserably, even after all the new design touches it has received over the time.

But the default iPhone dialer has been just too dumb for these features. The app features the alphabet and telephone number search which makes it very easy to dial the contacts. For example, if you are searching for someone named Ashish whose number isboth — T9 for ashi and the starting number of the contact will return the contact and you can just tap on the green dial button to make the call.

If your search yields multiple contact names, you can just swipe right or left to choose among them.

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The app automatically prioritizes the search results based on most frequently used contacts over short-name contacts and contacts with a photo. The dialer app also has an SMS button right next to the dial button for you to be able to directly send a text to the selected contact.

So, for example, if you assign Ashish speed dial number 1, you can just tap the number 1 on your keypad followed by the call button to directly call Ashish. In the settings you will see a list of four different themes you can install and activate on your device. These themes can also be edited before making the purchase and you can configure almost every aspect.

Personal backgrounds are also supported. So that was pretty much everything about the app and after you install it, I recommend you to give it the place on your phone that it deserves — making it the default way to make calls. Frankly speaking, I became a fan of this app from the moment I started using it. It has both the design and features one looks for in an app. So go on and try the app today and let us know your views about it. Top Photo Credit: Steve Snodgrass.Phone dialer the new windows phone dialer app which provides easy access to all your contacts but with some new amazing additional features.

Free and simple phone and calling cards dialer app that automates dialing sequence and allows you to use your favorite phone card in 2 simple Do you want to revive the past?

We present to you the good days when we used to have the rotary dialer phones for iPhone! Select from 3 designer Related Searches ios phone dialer. Sort by. Back Close. Free Only. Editor Rating. User Rating. Apply Filters. Results for phone dialer. Related: ios phone dialer. Phone dialer. User rating. Publisher: Gene Downloads: 50, Phone Dialer Pro.

phone dialer

Publisher: Jacek Kozlowski Downloads:Phone Dialer Plus. Publisher: Arch Technologies Downloads: 16, Phone dialer for Windows Publisher: Study circle Downloads: 1, Publisher: DreamTeam Mobile Downloads: My Photo Phone Dialer. Old Phone Dialer Keypad. Publisher: Brilliant App Studios Downloads: Phone Card - Dialer. Publisher: Phone Card Dialler Downloads: Rotary Phone Dialer. Publisher: iTech Developers Downloads: Results 1 - 10 of 7,It is safe to say that you are searching for the best Android Dialer applications to supplant your exhausting stock dialer?

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If so, you should check this rundown of the best telephone diallers contact applications accessible for Android. For the coming decades, new highlights may travel every which way yet the capacity to make calls will hold in cell phones for a considerable length of time, be that as it may, it might change the interface.

This very point has turned into help to Android designers and application producers. They have thought of different Dialer applications for Android that help clients in the making brings in a superior manner. Of course, every Android gadget accompanies a stock Dialer that is created by the producer. These Dialer applications, for the most part, meet the necessities to make calls and compose contacts. Besides, they are not refreshed and fixed. This is the thing that makes clients search for elective telephone dialer applications.

Android is known for its capacity to tweak everything how you like. You can introduce any app you want and remain with the one that fulfills your necessities. This Dialer application will awe clients who search for customization alternatives. True Phone Dialer is an innovative application that effectively coordinates with all custom Android skins and offers a few implicit customization choices.

With help for Dual SIM, this Dialer offers space for bunches of customization by providing different settings to oversee contacts and compose them proficiently. You can browse various topics while the default dull topic looks lovely as a matter of course. Everybody wants to possess an iPhone. On the off chance that you wish to encounter the delight of utilizing the iPhone, at that point you can do it on your Android telephone too because Android is very cool.

OS 9 Dialer gives you a chance to switch your stock contacts and dialer application to the exceptional iOS dialer. It looks mostly like the Dialer present on iPhone. It looks simply like that of iOS Dialer and even has the slide to lift the highlight of iPhones. If you need to turn your stock Android dialer to iOS dialler, at that point nothing can be as flawless as OS 9 dialler.

Windows telephone is a significant disappointment for Microsoft, and there is no uncertainty in it. There may be a few reasons like the absence of Apps and backing from Microsoft. On the off chance that you are passing up a great opportunity that tiled UI, Metro Phone Dialer encourages you to turn your exhausting Dialer in Windows-themed dialler.

iphone dialer apk

It is an ideal mix of execution and looks which will give you extraordinarily new and one of a kind encounter of utilizing dialler. Metro telephone dialer gives you a new spotless and impeccable client interface. You can even redo your preferred application with shades, and different customization alternatives are available in the dialer. It also has a superior form with other abilities.Simply log on using your excisting credentials and start saving on your national and international calls anywhere you go, anytime you want!

Most of the cheapest providers are already supported. To start saving on your mobile calls, simply install our FREE dialer from the app market. If you don't have an account yet, register with one of the supported brands and buy some credit.

All you need is the YourDialer app and a 3g or WiFi connection. Same great features, way better looks! Enjoy the new design of YourDialer.

Hi, the app cannot be opened anymore. It flushed open and immediately closed. Would you check if the app got some bugs? It used to work perfectly fine. Requires iOS Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Dec 3, Version 3. Ratings and Reviews See All.

Phone Dialer

Information Seller Dellmont B. Size Category Social Networking. Compatibility Requires iOS Languages English. Price Free.

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