Knitted heart square pattern

Crochet heart patterns are always a popular choice at Valentine's Day. You can turn crochet hearts into pillows, gift bags, and bunting.

Crochet hearts dress up blankets and accessories. Of course, it doesn't have to be February 14th for you to enjoy making and sharing crochet hearts; many of these crochet patterns can be used year round.

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Let's start with the easiest, quickest crochet heart pattern out there. This simple pattern is worked up in one basic round. It uses very little yarn so it is perfect for stash busting. They can also replace confetti on the inside of cards. Use this free crochet pattern to learn how to make a crochet heart square that can be used in a variety of different projects. The project itself is a baby blanket made by alternating the heart square with a checkerboard square.

Changing up the yarn in each square creates a candy-colored crochet blanket that is perfect for baby's first Valentine's Day - or any other time of year. This is also a good lapghan gift for the elderly and people in hospitals. This crochet heart is based on the design of the classic crochet granny square.

The basic heart is worked in five rounds, and the designer has shared detailed photos to help you see every step. You make two hearts and stitch them together with stuffing in the center to create a toy or ornament that is perfect for gifting.

This free crochet pattern uses the waistcoat stitch to create two different types of hearts in one colorful design. There are sprinkles of small hearts topping off the hat, just below the fun pom pom.

Then there is a big heart at the center of the design. This one is an advanced crochet pattern but one that's well worth taking on the challenge.

Crochet Heart Granny Square Free Patterns

Two snakes come together as one to create a heart with their tales. This can be a cute gift to tell someone that "we belong together". This crochet pattern is offered as a video tutorial. This is perfect for gifting; add a magnet or pin back to turn it into a simple gift.I have updated this pattern to be the same as the other squares available here. The background is stocking stitch and the pattern is now the same size. With Worsted Weight yarn and and 4.

Any sized needle and yarn can be used please refer to yarn label for recommended needle sizehowever different needle and yarn sizes will produce different sized squares, so if you plan to make an afghan or a set of these it is best to use the same needle size and yarn for each square. I have just discovered your wonderful dishcloth patterns!

I knit to donate to a missions group for their annual fundraiser event. This sounds like an easy and beautiful pattern! I make knitted baby caps for hospitals and I will try this pattern as a baby blanket! Love how easy your patterns are!

I am currently making a blanket for my 1st daughter and plan on making both of my daughters an Afghan with their names in them!

I love the variety you have with your patterns and look forward to trying MANY more!!! Glad you like it! Approximately 70 m 77 yards of Worsted weight yarn using 4. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Chart Instructions On Right Side: Knit white squares and purl black dots On Wrong Side: Purl white squares and knit black dots Cast on 45 stitches and start at bottom left hand corner of chart with a wrong side row.

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Knitting to donate to kids organizations. Love your squares! Thank you. I knit these patterns to add square to a blanket I am making for my daughter this Christmas. Beautiful pattern! Approximately how much yarn is required for each square?

knitted heart square pattern

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.This is a free pattern for a little knitted love heart. This heart is knitted flat and made in one piece to minimise any fiddly seaming. The pattern is 2 pages and written in English, and a Dutch translation is also available courtesy of Karin Timmerman.

You will need to cast on and off, knit, purl, work decreases, work a make one increase, and a little seaming to finish. I have no objection if you wish to make these hearts to sell to raise funds for charity. I am happy for you to share this pattern with crafters knitting hearts for Covid patients and related charities. Please do not sell this pattern. This pattern is free and reselling is not permitted. Hearts by Amanda Berry. Pattern Viewing as a guest user.

What am I missing? Craft Knitting. Published January Yarn weight DK 11 wpi? Needle size US 5 - 3.

knitted heart square pattern

Sizes available The finished heart is approximately 6. Languages English Dutch. This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download. Ravelry download. Download download. Buy it now Add to cart Cancel.

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About this pattern. About this yarn. Studio Anti-Pilling DK. More from Amanda Berry. Mini Mittens. Brussels Sprouts. Love Hearts. Bundles with this pattern. Free patterns.Download Pattern.

Easy Heart Square Stitch Knitting Pattern

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knitted heart square pattern

Instructional Videos. Useful Links. Crochet 6-inch Blocks. Knitting 6-inch Blocks. Blanket Edges. Favorite Patterns. Diagonal Rib Download Pattern. Rectangular Checks Download Pattern.

Embossed Diamonds Download Pattern. Seed Stitch Windows Download Pattern. Easy Triangles Download Pattern. Basket Weave Download Pattern.

Knit Hearts

Basket Weave 3 Download Pattern. Reverse Stockinette Chevron Download Pattern. King Charles Brocade Download Pattern. Inverness Diamond Download Pattern. Diamond Panels Download Pattern.Row k10, p2, k9, p2, k10 optional row, depends how pointed you want the top of heart. Enquiries: Please post your question on the Square Circle forum.

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Free knitting pattern: Heart Square. Rows Knit Row 9 and every alternate right-side row: Knit Row k16, p1, k16 Row k15, p3, k15 Row k14, p5, k14 Row k13, p7, k13 Row k12, p9, k12 Row k11, p11, k11 Row k10, p13, k10 Row k9, p15, k9 Row k8, p17, k8 Row k7, p19, k7 Row k6, p21, k6 Row k5, p23, k5 if you want less pointy edges repeat Row 32 after next knit row Row k6, p10, k1, p10, k6 Row k7, p8, k3, p8, k7 Row k8, p6, k5, p6, k8 Row k9, p4, k7, p4, k9 Row k10, p2, k9, p2, k10 optional row, depends how pointed you want the top of heart Next row: knit for 9 more rows.

Finishing Instructions Weave in all yarn ends. Butterfly the tail to the square. We have created the Knit-a-square wish list, because over the years as we have grown organically, kindhearted members have sent a variety of goodies. Created inthe monthly square themes have been bringing members together ever since.Knitted Squares To knit a 25cm x 25cm square use No.

Do Not Knit Stocking stitch Do not knit one row plain, one row purl ie stocking stitch as your square will curl up. No Knots Start each ball of yarn at the beginning of a row and sew in ends. Do not cut ends off short as your square will unravel. When starting or finishing a square, sew in all ends.

Crochet squares Crochet squares to measure 25cm x 25 cm as for knitted squares — any pattern will do. Some people crochet the whole Wrap in one piece. Please keep joins on the same side and flat and alternate the squares vertically and then horizontally. The squares can also be joined using a crochet stitch and finished with a crochet edge. Wraps can be knitted, woven or patchwork lined to finish at approximately cm x cm 40 inches x 70inches. In some instances you may have to decrease 2 stitches per row beginning and end towards the last 3 inches of the square due to the tension of various yarns.

This will ensure a perfect 25cm square. Try it. Block 1, cast on stitches Row 1: k48, k2 tog. Using a contrasting colour tie a marker around the needle. Knit to the end of row.

7 Heart Knitting Patterns You’ll Love

Slip marker, knit to end of row. Repeat row 2 until there are 4 sts left, dropping the marker on the last row.

Next row: k1, k2 tog, k1 Next row: k1, k2 together. Final row: k2 together, do not break off thread. To begin Block 2, pick up 50 stitches along the top edge of Block 1. Turn knitting around and then continue by casting on using the two needle cast-on method a further 50 stitches stitches. Repeat rows as for Block 1.

Make columns of 4 or 7 blocks and sew columns together. Or, alternatively, to avoid having to sew the columns up, using a completed column of 4 or 7 squares, begin 2nd column:. Continue with this process until all 28 squares have been completed. Please be sure to sew in all loose ends.

knitted heart square pattern

In an attempt to save money on postage, we have been trialling sewing a label onto one square in each of the bags of squares that we send out for sewing up. And we have always sewn labels on at the warehouse, so feel free to send yours in without a label. Cast on 55 stitches Knit 6 rows Garter stitch Swap to Stocking stitch maintaining a border of 5 stitches of Garter stitch, knit 6 rows Follow the chart below to create the heart Knit 6 rows to complete the square and cast off.

Knitters are invited to include one Kangaroo Square in each Wrap as a way of making our wraps uniquely Australian. Search for: Search. Home About Us Gallery. Shopping cart close. PHONE: 02 Squares for Wraps are to measure 25cm x 25cm 10 inches x 10 inches.

Note Test your tension to measure 10 inches.This can be done in your user profile. A small knitted or crocheted heart certainly goes a long way to showing how much you care. Pretty Knitted Hearts. These green hearts are perfect for supporting the For the Love Of campaign!

Perfect for embellishing clothes and accessories. The free pattern is available from Skip to my Lou. These knitted hearts can be felted or left as they are, depending on what effect you want to achieve. Go to Knitting Daily for the free pattern. Putting a twist on the traditional crochet project! Yarn Pumpkin has the free pattern.

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This is a free pattern from Live Laugh Rowe. This project makes for a fabulous pincushion, keyring charm, hanging decoration, or anything else you can think of!

The pattern is free from Fluff and Fuzz. Too busy to knit or crochet anything? These fluffy pompoms can be made in no time at all! Free tutorial available from Gillian Gladrag. Brilliant for adding a vintage touch to any home. Visit The Counted Sheep for the free pattern. Have you ever knitted or crocheted a heart for a loved one before? Share your pictures with us on Twitter and Facebook!

Follow LetsKnitMag on Instagram and never miss out of the fun. Unlimited access to over 1, top knitting patterns Plus fun and friendly video courses, community knitalongs, exclusive competitions and more. Find Out More. Sign Up. The free pattern is available from Skip to my Lou 3 Felted hearts These knitted hearts can be felted or left as they are, depending on what effect you want to achieve. Go to Knitting Daily for the free pattern 4 Grannie square hearts Putting a twist on the traditional crochet project!

This is a free pattern from Live Laugh Rowe 6 Knitted love heart This project makes for a fabulous pincushion, keyring charm, hanging decoration, or anything else you can think of! The pattern is free from Fluff and Fuzz 7 Heart-shaped pompoms Too busy to knit or crochet anything? Free tutorial available from Gillian Gladrag 8 Fabulous Fair Isle hearts Brilliant for adding a vintage touch to any home.

Visit The Counted Sheep for the free pattern Have you ever knitted or crocheted a heart for a loved one before?

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