Xaml textbox vs textblock

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xaml textbox vs textblock

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Thanks for sharing! I want people to know just how good this information is in your article.A TextBlock control in WPF provides a lightweight control for displaying small amounts of flow content.

xaml textbox vs textblock

The WPF TextBlock control is a lightweight text editor control for displaying and formattting small amount of text flow content. The Name attribute represents the name of the control, which is a unique identifier of a control. The Foreground property sets the foreground color of contents.

This control does not have a Background property. The code snippet in Listing 1 creates a TextBlock control and sets the name, height, width, foreground and content of a TextBlock control. Unlike a TextBox control, the TextBlock does not have a default border around it. As you can see from Figure 1, by default the TextBlock is place in the center of the page. We can place a TextBlock control where we want by using the Margin, VerticalAlignment and HorizontalAlignment attributes that sets the margin, vertical alignment, and horizontal alignment of a control.

The code snippet in Listing 2 sets the position of the TextBlock control in the left top corner of the page. The code listed in Listing 3 creates a TextBlock control programmatically. First, it creates a TextBlock object and sets its width, height, contents and foreground and later the TextBlock is added to the LayoutRoot.

The code snippet in Listing 4 sets the font properties of a TextBlock. The FontSource property allows loading custom fonts dynamically.

xaml textbox vs textblock

The following code snippet sets the FontSource property. The TextWrapping property sets the wrap of no wrap text. The following code snippet sets the wrapping text option.

A text can be aligned left, center, or right. The Padding property sets the space between a boundary and the text that can be applied to all sides or a selected side of the boundary. The padding spacing is based on left, right, top, and bottom. If you specify only a single value, the padding will be applied to all four sides and if you specify two values, it will be applied to LeftTop and BottomRight sides.

The Inlines property represents the collection of inline text within a TextBlock control. A Run object represents an inline text and can be treated as its own text control and have its foreground and font related properties. Listing 6 sets the Inlines property of the TextBlock and sets different fonts and foreground colors.

The TextDecorations property represents the text decorations that are applied to the content of a TextBlock. WPF supports only underline text decoration.Have any question? Feel Free To Post Below:. All Rights Reserved Help to understand. Net Template by Blogger Widgets. Help to understand. To Share Experiences of upcoming Microsoft Technologies TextBlock and Label both are used to display text.

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Textblock inherits from FrameworkElement. Label Inherits from System. Heavy Weight control. Does not Supports access key. Label supports access key. Simple control. More complex control. TextBlock does not have link to other controls as Target. It has a Target property. Label has an important focus handling responsibility. Its purpose is to allow you to place a caption with an access key. It has a Target property, which indicates the target of the access key. When to used label and TextBlock?

When you want to display text by itself use the TextBlock. The benefit is a light, performing way to display text. When you want to associate text with another control like a TextBox use the Label control. The benefits are access keys and references to target control.

If you enjoyed this post and wish to be informed whenever a new post is published, then make sure you subscribe to my regular Email Updates. Subscribe Now! Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Here is another request that a friend of mine asked me recently. Empty. OnApplyTemplate. Children[0] as TextBlock. Children[1] as TextBox. OnMouseDoubleClick e. It's just a control composed by a TextBox and a TextBlock and, when user double clic on the Textblock, I simple change the visibility of the Textbox: all the rest is just for the style Oups, I wasn't observant enaough.

Yep, your solutions looks good. I'am just too much into ASP. Hello, Where do you route the MouseDoubleClick event onto the control? Any idea why this would work. Note: works fine if you place the control in a ItemsControl. A hybrid approach like this one would be good to keep the performance of a textblock until it's clear that the user needs editing. You'd have to lazy load the textbox though.

May try it. I just think it shows how clunky WPF is. So much fuss, so many lines of code for achieving something that basic.

C# Tutorial - Get Text From TextBox and Put In TextBlock (WPF)

Quite alarming, giving that one of the main purposes of the framework is to help us in developing sophisticated UI quickly. Toggle navigation Microsoft Thomas Lebrun. Home Sign In.

TextBox In XAmarin.forms XAML

When user double clic on the TextBlock, the Textbox appears.Xamarin is a wonderful company that produces tools to build multiplatform app written in C and. Recently Xamarin introduced Xamarin. Forms, allowing for even more code reuse in the UI User Interface without sacrificing the ability to produce native code and UI and UX on each specific platform. I hope this post can be helpful to avoid some pitfalls and to be proficient on developing with it.

The lack of Margin property. Label, Button, etc. Each time you need to define a margin to separate two adjacent elements, you need to wrap each of them inside a ContentView the simplest layout descendant to set the padding property. The default value of Spacing property. This is simple to describe and use, once you know it: when using StackLayout or Grid bear in mind that their respective spacing properties Spacing for StackLayout and both RowSpacing and ColumnSpacing for Grid have a default value of six.

This is a bit annoying and I would prefer to have a predefined value of zero. If you agree, please vote for it. If we try to use the same XAML on Xamarin Forms, we need to do minor name adjustments and explicitly define zero spacing:. This is a strange behavior, because the containing grid do extend to the full available horizontal length we know it because the red background of the grid fill all the spacebut the two inner grids do not.

In this case, the containing grid do take the entire available place but set the horizontal width of the column to the width of his largest children. The good news are that this will change on Xamarin Forms 1. Until then beware of the details!

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Adam Reply. Thanks for the overview. Just started with Xamarin forms yesterday and this is just the jumpstart tutorial I needed to get the conversion going. And you were right, the layout does drive the unknowing developer mad.As is so often is the case, StackOverflow has provided another interesting question that reminded me of an issue I encounter from time to time.

The question is about how to have a sequence of labelled textboxes, such that everything is nicely aligned. This is clearly quite a verbose solution and there must be a better way if we are going to be doing this sort of thing a lot.

And we are.

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Another annoyance with this approach is the need to renumber everything if we want to insert a row or column. It would be nice to have something more akin to HTML tables. Before we try and solve the problem, it might be a good idea to think in the abstract of what we would like to be able to write in an ideal world.

#842 – The Differences Between Label and TextBlock

It would be difficult to get more concise than that and still retain the expressiveness of what we want to do. So how are we going to go about this? IsSharedSizeScope set to True. Here we need to introduce some Dependency Properties. This allows the user of the LabelledTextBox to bind to Label and Text and for the control to use them too.

Note that we have to set the DataContext of the Grid to the control, so that we can bind to our own Label and Text properties but we leave the top-level DataContext of the control in the broader context, so that other things can bind to our Label and Text properties too. Finally, we need to create a container control that has shared size scope. We can doing this by creating a subclass of StackPanel and then setting Grid.

IsSharedSizeScope to True.

WPF: Textblock Vs Label

This gives us the ability to put it all together in the following way that is very similar to our initial desired solution with the exception of references to the namespace path of the controls. One could, of course, go a step further and have a Command property that allows a button to be shown, e. And even have the button hidden if no command is bound to it. Posted by Mark Withall: Return to the main page Other me on the Internet.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. TextBlock is more lightweight control for displaying text and TextBox is used when you require user input or edit existing text.

Proof for mem usage. Learn more. Ask Question. Asked 6 years, 8 months ago. Active 1 year, 8 months ago. Viewed 63k times.

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What criteria must I consider when selecting one of these two controls? Dmitrii Badretdinov 5 5 bronze badges. Irfan Irfan 2, 2 2 gold badges 25 25 silver badges 39 39 bronze badges. Active Oldest Votes. Can set font size, font type, font styling, to wrap and to range left, right or centred. Can have opacity set and have Pixel Shaders applied. TextBlock: Used for displaying text more focused typographically.

Can contain text set to different colors, fonts and sizes. The line height can also be increased from the default setting to give more space between each line of text. Text inside a TextBlock cannot be made selectable by the user. TextBox: Used for displaying text more focused for content input or when content is needed to be made selectable by the user. Can only be set to one colour, one font size, one font type etc.

Have fixed Line Spacing. Can also be set to a fixed height and width but also have scrollbars switched on to allow content to expand. Rohit Rohit 8, 4 4 gold badges 39 39 silver badges 71 71 bronze badges. Vidas Vasiliauskas Vidas Vasiliauskas 3, 1 1 gold badge 21 21 silver badges 43 43 bronze badges. Not sure if TextBlock is lighter than TextBox.

Hello Mike, sure - in terms of memory usage textbox is way heavier: s In case the proof image at some future point is gone. Your example shows a 14x difference in memory usage. Code used GC. GetTotalMemory true before and after doing a stack. Add on a new textblock and textbox respectively to check how much memory differed.

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